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About Us

ADWI Technologies is a privately owned company. We are an organization that believes in itself & we treat your business as our business. We provide our clients with access to some of the best candidates available and we provide our candidates access to some of the best employment opportunities available.

We know that finding the right person for the right job has never been more crucial. We use industry-leading technology and operate an India and Global -wide network of offices. The bottom line is always determined by results.

We have a very good network of staffing subordinate for fulfilling the immediate requirement of clients.

Our Services

We provide the various services such as Software Development, Recruitment, Staffing, and CSR Activities.

Software Development

We are a modern IT solutions company specialising in cloud, mobile and web services .

Recruitment and Staffing

We found the most experienced and proven candidates...

CSR Activities

Formulating CSR strategy...

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Software Development

  • We provide a service, which is easy, very niche and essential for your business need.
  • We always open to hear/listen any new service, ideas from you.
  • We provide a solution for Customised Software Services, Web Designing Services, Mobile App Development and Application Development.
  • End to End Software Development Methodologies.
  • We are an organization that believes in itself & we treat your business as our business.
  • We listen and understand your need before develop, deploy anything and continue listening from Scoping to Implementation to Support.
  • Automation is our key focus area for any products.
  • Also We provide a services for 2D Animation,3D Animation , Content Management Websites

Recruitment and Staffing

We found the most experienced and proven candidates – leaders who will make an immediate and significant impact on an organization.

We invest in long-term relationships, taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of each client's business goals and strategy, relative to the leadership competencies needed for success, their position in the marketplace and business life-cycle, their competition and their culture.

We maintain an open dialogue with our clients and candidates throughout the assignment, ensuring expectations are met on both sides and ensuring a smooth transition through the final selection and offer stages. Candidates looking for the change in the Job

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We provide you the right & expert Candidates as per your requirement.

Retain the existing people of your esteemed organization on our payroll.

CSR Activities

  • Formation of the CSR Committee of the Board and its Orientation on CSR
  • Developing CSR Policy in sync with the core values of the organization & advising governance parameters
  • CSR team building
  • Projects’ identification and development in sync with the stated CSR Policy
  • Developing implementation guidelines & processes
  • Setting up monitoring & evaluation systems and processes
  • Selection of Partner NGOs
  • Audit and Impact assessment of Projects
  • Identifying NGOs as implementation partners; their appropriate capacity building
  • Designing and conducting customized training’s for Board of Director ,the CSR team and programme Managers
  • Any other item as per need , please contact :

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ADWI Technologies
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